New Bedside Manner (Temporary) Home

If you’re checking this, chances are you know that our site has been down for quite some time now.  We’re working on salvaging all of the material so we don’t have to start from complete scratch.  This will be our new temporary home where you can expect a lot of updates on bands and other stuff we love/hate.  Stay tuned, we’ll try to keep it fresh for y’all.  We currently have the Mister Snake tape project in the works.

Also, we’ll be posting stuff here about our friends that may not necesarily be directly affiliated with Bedside Manner.   With that said North Jersey’s Control announced that the tracking for their yet-to-be titled full length is complete and the mixing starts this week.  The album will feature 11 songs and it is set to be released early next year with no label backing.   

Earth Stood Still and Captives teamed up to start the post-hardcore quartet about two years ago.  With two self released EP’s,  the band draws comparison to Rival Schools, Quicksand, Brand New and maybe even a little Snapcase.  The track listing, title and artwork should be available soon.  Check Control’s facebook  or myspace page ( for the most current updates. In the meantime, check out this studio footage from early on in the sessions.  Do it quick though; it will be down soon!:


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