Gems from the Past: Vol. 1

A lot of us here at Bedside Manner have been doing this music thing for a while.  2011 marks ten years playing shows, writing and recording music for some of us.  Being that we live in the modern age, much of our work has been conveniently documented through good ol’ ones and zeros.  What does that mean for y’all?  FREE DOWNLOADS of all of the early work we can salvage no matter how bad, embarrassing, low-quality or laughable they are.  We’re not living in the past; we’re merely laughing at it!  ENJOY!

We’re going to do our best to do this chronologically, but it probably won’t work out that way. We will include the ex-members that make up the projects and as much info as we can pertaining to the cuts.  If any of the mediafire links are broken, leave a comment and let us know!

Gems from the Past: Volume One- WINSLOW – The Unmixed/Unmastered/Unreleased Sessions (2001).


Click read more for more info and fun fax and music video!

Featuring Ex/Current members of: Too Short Notice, Murphy’s Law, Control, Young American Artists, Fake Your Death, Four Fingers, Roger Klotz, Killed by the Bull, Dead Teenager’s Brains,  The Generator and M&P.


Steve Barna– Drums

Dan Herdman– Guitar

Alanna– Bass/Vocals

Paul– Vocals/Guitar


1. Nothing You Can Do

2.  Epic

3.  Trapped

4.  Who are you?

As a bonus you get two live covers from the infamous White Rock Pavilion circa 2001 with an even older lineup:  Guttermouth’s 123 Slam and Bad Religion’s American Jesus featuring Chris V. on vocals and Ian H. as the music stand.

Fun Fax:

Our first gem comes from pre-Fake Your Death quartet- Winslow.  This directly-to-tape demo was never mixed or released for obvious reasons.   That means this is the first time these teen angst ridden pubescent anthems are being shared!

We recorded this with Steve Barna’s uncle who, I believe, specialized in recording country.   Bigwig’s Invitation to Tragedy came out on this day and  I remember listening to it all the way to the studio in Steve’s mini-van loaded with as much equipment that we could fit.  I was only fifteen years old and rocked an Ibanez RG- Custom as you can see in the photo above.  Herdman shredded a Strat through a tube screamer direct!  I also included a video for “Nothing you can Do,”- an early work from Steve Barna who is now in school for video production.

Mediafire Download:


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