Young American Artists to Conquer 2011?

Young American Artists made The NJ Underground’s “20 NJ Bands to Conquer 2011” list. Here is what they said:

“For better or for worse, NJ has seen it’s fair share of post-hardcore bands. Luckily, Young American Artists don’t sound like the post-hardcore bands you’re most likely thinking of. This North Jersey outfit’s songs bring bands like At The Drive-In, Rage Against the Machine and Refused to mind. With old-school punk guitar riffs that seem to have slight blues influnces and vocals that aren’t ear piercing squeals, but powerful screams this is a band you need to check out if you are a punk/hardcore fan. The group put out an 8 song album last May and have been wreaking havoc on VFWs, basements, backyards and rock clubs ever since. You can pick up Under a Rock for only $2 here.”  If you don’t believe us, see for yourself HERE!

The Front Bottoms, Delicate Steve, Suburban Scum and Trees Above Mandalay are among the other bands on the list.


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  1. Wonderful band. They actually played the opening of a training faculty that I work at. Did a live set WHILE clients were working out. If you don’t already know, ask somebody, if you book and you haven’t booked them yet, do it.

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