Download Witness Demo FREE

North Jersey’s Witness recently made their 2011 demo available for free on their BANDCAMP page HERE.  Don’t expect songs anywhere near their debut demo.  Think heavy feedback, riff-heavy madness, and vocals shouted from the moon.   Sounds like something you could dig?  What are you waiting for!?!? Sara Kosa of Young American Artists took on the tracking/mixing duties for these cuts.  If you’re looking for affordable and solid recordings contact us and we can send you in her direction.

In other related news Witness recently added Jon to the mix to fill the bass duties-a move that will certainly keep them pushing in the right direction.  Also, check Witness, Young American Artists, Mi Barrio and others out this Thursday at the Meatlocker.  We’ll be posting a flyer for that soon.  In the meantime, check out the event-page for it HERE.  Oh and I just happened to give Eddie Cuddy (guitar) a ride to work the other day when I saw him walking on the side of the road at twilight.  I thought he was inspired by our walking post to get out there and walk, but it turns out he is just carless.  Go figure.  Either way, it was cold and he was grateful.  haha


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