February- A Month Dedicated to Local Music

We all know that February brings us Black History Month, among other festivities, causes and holidays.   Why not add another celebration to this 28 day stint?  Tyler of Good Friend Electric out of Brooklyn proposes a challenge and we invite you to do the same.  It’s already getting some buzz!

“From some recent conversations with people, I have gathered that despite going out to local shows and getting handed free demos or being told where to download a bands music for free, so much of what we listen to is not made by local musicians, but by the bands we will likely listen to the rest of our lives. Some of the hardest working musicians I’ve known have been friends of mine and I too am guilty of not listening to my friends music enough.

For the entire month of February only listen to music made by people you know, or at least by musicians you would expect to see at the local VFW, your friends basement, etc. Also let us not only listen to but discuss with the musicians themselves their music. Do not be scared to give some constructive criticism to your friends band. Feedback like; “You guys didn’t need that eighth chorus…” could be more useful and helpful than you would ever imagine. Hopefully the band you listen to doesn’t need that advice, but even just letting a band know a song is good can mean more than you would think.

So put Sgt. Pepper and A Night at the Opera away for the month and let us support our own friends. Please use THIS EVENT PAGE’S wall to post what local music you are listening to.

If you agree to attend this event you are agreeing to only listen to music made by people you know or by music posted in this page for the month of February. Please spread this all over  and support local musicians.  Rest assured, there’s enough to go around!

-Tyler @ Good Friend Electric

Contact us if you want some zip files of local artists.  We’ll gladly send them over and may even post some at random.  Expet some reminders throughout the month of February as well.  CELEBRATE YOUR FRIENDS.


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