Gems from the Past Vol. 3- Shattered Fortune

Our 3rd installment of GEMS FROM THE PAST comes from Kevin Carafa who is currently active with his drum duties in Young American Artists, Control, Killed by the Bull and as a recording engineer out of Backroom Studios in Rockaway:

“Deep in the pockets of Jnco Jeans everywhere lurks the darkest feelings of rage, mystery, and hurt. These feelings were mashed into, or at least attempted to be mashed into, a band called Shattered Fortune. The band started as a conversation on a bus ride home, and ended just three years later after members wanted to move forward onto new musical projects.

An interesting blend of the ‘metal’ and ‘alternative’ of the time, sometimes with more hardcore/punk roots, the band never fully matured past a set of demos and a small set of shows. Regardless, the band worked hard to pursue an aggressive sound full of influences out of the norm of the scene.

Jared Caruso – Vocals
Caleb Estey – Bass
Kevin Carafa – Drums/Guitars
Mike Taddeo – Guitars
Andrew ‘Mini’ Nadara – Guitars

Members went on to form/join: Birth Screams, Relatives, Iron Hills, Gypsy Wig, Control, Killed by the Bull, Fake Your Death, Captives, Young American Artists, The Centrofusal Trifecta, and Dewey and the Decimal System.

Demo 1:
Relation Through Disease
Far Away
Sit And Stare
No Regrets
My Wish
Nothing New

Demo 2:
The Selfish Game
Only The Beginning
My Wish
Sit And Stare
Dismemberment of Life

Darts (System Of A Down Cover Live at the Infamous WRL Pavillion 11-22-02)

Fun Fax:
-Sometimes, the live line up didn’t include a guitar player. For those shows, we used a CD player containing the guitar tracks into a guitar amp, dubbed the Guitar Machine.”

-Kevin Carafa

-Local Stalwarts, Rise up in Arms can be heard warming up with the main riff of “Our Brotherhood,” in the background of the live interviews.

-At the time, it seemed like every local band had their own version of “Sit and Stare.”  You know what I mean if you were around haha.  Do Stillwelle and Borderline ring a bell?  Perhaps “Sit and Stare,” was Shattered Fortune’s take on those songs.  Either way bring on the toms and 3/4!”

– Paul

Mediafire Download

Thank you Kevin for your contribution!  If you want to contribute to gems from the past send an email to


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