Local Music February: Black Wine- S/T

As part of, FEBRUARY:  A MONTH DEDICATED TO LOCAL MUSIC, we’re gonna try to post as many local artists’ albums as we can to help you on your trek through this 28 day music binge.  Note, if you notice something we put up, and it’s you and you don’t want it up, just send us an email and we’ll take it down.  Also, if you have something you want us to put up, please send it to our email and we’ll be happy to toss it on here!

The first album we’d like to share with you comes from Ocean Grove, New Jersey by a band called Black Wine.  This 10 track record rocks similarly to Dinosaur Jr. and can be purchased from DON GIOVANNI RECORDS. If you like it please support the artists and buy the record!  It comes with a digital download if records aren’t your thing…best of both worlds…Anyway, notable tracks on this include “Haunted”- a bouncy number where Miranda, the drummer, takes on lead vocal duties and “Couch Critics,” a heavier cut with a very memorable and dark sounding vocal melody. Click readmore for the download!
Bandcamp with Full Length and Latest 7 inch: http://blackwine.bandcamp.com/

Check out Black Wine on February 12th at this:

And on their facebook page HERE.    ENJOY! Again, if you like it, please purchase it and tell your friends!


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