If You’re Going to Reunite…

Do it  hard and for the right reasons…The announcement of the Folly reunion shows was met with much enthusiasm, however it seems as if some people still aren’t getting it.  Perhaps the recent statement that Arben issued will put things into perspective.  I could go on about how Folly had a profound influence on me and where I am with music today and how they were an inspiration with their music and as people, but I won’t bore you with that and it should be pretty clear anyway haha.  In the end, I was ecstatic to be part of their last shows in 2008 and even more amped/honored/enthused/stoked/thrilled/any other adjective that would suggest excitement to be part of the last two reunion shows as openers.   To all the haters.  Well… “Y’all just hataz!”  Click readmore for the statement and a list of shows.   Or click HERE for a direct link. -Paul

“Well hello, and how do you do?  I am well enough. Thanks for taking the time in advance, as I fear this diatribe may become overly verbose, but ultimately necessary. If anyone remembers the “breakup note” the Jon wrote upon our last shows in 2008, you’d know that this can and most likely will get out of hand pretty quickly. I (Arben Colaku) am assuming the duty of speaking for the band. While all of the following comments may not be exactly what other members would say, I assure you that it’s close enough; therefore, the following thoughts can count for us as a collective. The past few weeks have been a bit of an intense blur, so I’d like to take this time now to sit back and collect myself and my thoughts pertaining to the upcoming 2011 Folly shows (reunion, if you must).  Click readmore for the rest.

Firstly, the idea of the 5 of us playing music together again has long been on our minds. Basically, we never wanted to formally stop playing together as people, but just as Folly, which is why we decided to officially hang up our collective hats nearly 3 years ago in early spring, 2008. This is evident as the ensuing bands we were in (Hoover Flags and Mixtape) consisted of 4 out of the 5 of us, and for a show or two, all 5 of us. The kinship we feel toward one another is unbreakable, and has remained relevant in our daily lives. This is a primary reason why we felt it was the right time to dust off the old tunes, and rock n roll again. Our friendships through Folly and relations with one another hold up to the trials of time, as our songs do. Without this confidence in each other and our music, we would find no need or itch to play again.

There are other factors that play into this reunion as well. A big motivator for us is the desire to reconnect with many of the friends we’ve made over the years through our experiences with Folly. These experiences have profoundly shaped us as people in our formative years, and create the basis for how we view the world, relate with other people, and make decisions. Folly always steadfastly resided on the fringes of the greater punk / hardcore community. For better or for worse, we embraced our “oddball” stature, sometimes to our own disadvantage. You’d never guess how many people have directly told me things like “we’d sign you to our label / booking agency / management company etc if you dropped the ska”. Hearing this again and again was an offensive affront to who we were as people, and what we strived for as a band. This at times served to fuel our disdain for many of our peers’ musical output in the punk / hardcore community. We thought we’d further embrace our rebellious and genre-defying spirit and sacrifice nothing for no one. At the end of the day, these series of decisions only benefited us as individuals. Maybe we didn’t get added onto the big club tour, or maybe the hip record label of the day wouldn’t touch us with a 10 foot pole, or the booking agent or would-be manager claimed to “not know what to do with us.” So be it. The beauty and irony that was Folly was founded on how people related to us, which is how we related to one another. We were honest, open, uncompromising pleasure seekers that tried to do things on terms only we mandated. This is how I can have the audacity to say that Folly, and independently spirited and creative bands like us, will forever have more to compare with our trail-blazing punk rock forefather in Black Flag or the Bad Brains than the multitude of bands who merely take the easy way out and sonically imitate them. We lived it, and lived with the rewards and repercussions. Sure, we’ve played sold out shows, festivals, Warped Tours, etc, and had music released by a well known label that had our CDs in big-box stores, but that only tells a very small part of the story. The fact is, a very small but intense community began to develop around Folly over our active years. This is exactly what fueled us to create music, tour, and remain on the aforementioned “fringes of the punk and hardcore communities.” It’s almost as if people outside of the loop of what we were doing literally had no idea what was going on. Our music and many of the people that supported us in a variety of ways often resided along those same fringes of musical and social acceptability. Without a doubt, many fans of the band were not “the coolest kids in town,” very much like us. We wore our membership in Folly with pride, almost like membership in a tribe. It was inextricably part of us, as if we were born into it. Stretching the musical and cultural limits of what a punk rock band is or could be was not a predetermined goal, but I think that we achieved this on some minor level, somewhere, to someone. This is also the sentiment that we got from many of the people we met who were passionate about Folly. A community rose up around us, not as fans, but as friends and integral members Folly’s greater existence. I know many of you are probably thinking “Wow, this guy is a real knucklehead! What arrogance!” However, I assure you that it’s all culled from actual evidence and experience.

Finally, we come to our 2011 shows. We are giddy with excitement and anticipation for what will surely be a highlight in our lives, and hopefully for a lot of our old friends who choose to attend. As it was mentioned earlier, it is our sincere desire to have the focus of these shows be about a reunion of people, not just a band vainly attempting to relive a former and fleeting glory. Thinking of things in this way has relieved us of all stigmas often attached to bands who decide to play again after a period of dormancy. Make no mistake whatsoever: Folly will not tour, record, or play any other shows aside from the 5 that are scheduled. This is not a calculated re-emergence into the music industry by any stretch. This is an opportunity for us to have fun while playing music together, and to spend time with people we love, respect, admire, and miss. Additionally, booking 5 shows in New Jersey may seem like overkill, but we are looking at it as 5 chances to get crazy and have the time of our lives. The fact that the first 3 announced reunion shows were met with such enthusiasm is the unintended gift given to us by you: the fan, the friend, the family member. We invite everyone to come out and hang with us. Please do not hesitate to spend some time with us, share a drink, share the mic, etc. The intimate nature of all of these shows will truly prove to be intense, just as we want it. All things considered, we could have had just 1 enormous show at a larger, less personal venue, but in our tradition, we went about things in a more difficult way by agreeing to play 5 shows. In our opinion, this will easily be more gratifying for us, as it will for you.

Regarding the shows, we have already been contacted by many people who plan on traveling great distances to take part in these special events with us. People all throughout New England, D.C., Georgia, Chicago, California, Florida, and even the U.K. are converging upon each venue. This is completely crazy and shocking to us, but extremely humbling and heartwarming. It is with great pleasure that we announce the full lineups for the five shows. We very carefully picked all of the bands playing with us. We feel that they each offer something exciting and significant both musically and as people, so we urge you to check them out and support them.

Sorry for the rant. Once I started, I had a hard time stopping. I’d just like to finish with restating how we are all so very excited for these shows. We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to scream, sweat, sing, and dance with all of you. Up until then, keep checking our various social media sites for updates from us, practice videos, and maybe even another special announcement or two (fingers crossed)!  Be well and enjoy. We’ll see you at the shows.


With love, respect, and gratitude,


Arben Colaku, Agim Colaku, Anthony Wille, Geoff Towle, and Jon Tummillo



March 26

Maxwell’s, Hoboken NJ

Folly w/ Communication Redlight, and Eyeswan

Sorry, this show is Sold Out


April 1

The School of Rock, South Hackensack NJ

Folly w/ Trees Above Mandalay, The Sun The Moon The Stars (ex-The Banner), and


The Future of the Party (Alex and Jesse from Paulson)

Tickets available at www.excessdb.com

All Ages


April 2

The School of Rock, South Hackensack NJ

Folly w/ The Fire Still Burns, Communication Redlight, and Black Kites

Sorry, this show is Sold Out


April 8

The Stanhope House, Stanhope NJ

Folly w/ Jaguar Shark, Control, and Man Vs. Wild

Tickets available at www.stanhopehousenj.com/store/

18 and up. Sorry.


April 9

The Stanhope House, Stanhope NJ

Folly w/ Communication Redlight, Young American Artists, and Goliath (ex-The Banner, Hoover Flags)

Sorry, this show is Soul Doubt”


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  1. arichibold van hickey

    Soul doubt is my new favorite saying.

    Well written couldnt have been put in words any better. The excitement of being around people who I spent all my free time with three years ago is the most worthwhile part of this show. I wont “DANCE” for fear of injury in my old age (24) but will pile on and sing along joyously.

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