Local Music February: The Painters- Breathing Fire

Former Young American Artists vocalist, Ian Keller makes up The Painters– a minimal solo project that rocks like The Gories and maybe even a little White Stripes.  Perhaps he will pick up where Jack and Meg left off with their recent break up…Either way, Ian’s “less is more” approach proves effective and memorable with this 11 track highly blues influenced full length.  With only a floor tom, snare and cymbal to back up his down-tuned ebay guitar, his low-register voice meshes perfectly with the clean drone-like guitar parts.  The lo-fi/no bullshit recording allow the listener to focus on what’s important…the songs.   Notable tracks include the opener, “Track 1,” and “Track 4.”  Be sure to check out his set at Eyeconik Records on February 27th!  Click readmore for the free download of all 11 songs!

Ian Keller strongly encourages you download this and spread it around.  He is also looking for someone to play drums in the band, so shoot us an email if you are interested and we’ll match you guys up plenty-o-fish style.

Mediafire Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?b385n6oejf550b1


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