Local Music Februrary: Dead Ringer

A mere 3 months passed since Dead Ringer’s 3 song demo hit the internet to nothing but positive reviews.  With a west coast tour already in their past and a 20+ day east coast/mid-west stint (w/ Melissa and Paul) in the works for August, Dead Ringer’s momentum continues in full force.  With Dead Ringer, Kristia and Carlos depart a bit from their previous band’s (Exit She Calls) sound, offering a more straight forward/undeniably catchy brew of pop-punk and upbeat circle-pit anthems.  Their line-up solidified recently with the addition of drummer, Luis Luna who heard their tracks on punknews and immediately showed an interest.  He joins the Dead Ringer family with a rather impressive music resume.  Click readmore for the 100% FREE download and more info.

Kevin Carafa (Control, Young American Artists, Shattered Fortune, Killed by the Bull) assumed the drum role for the 3 songs that can be downloaded for free HERE!  Check these guys out if you’re into catchy melodies laced with soothing harmonies and high energy pop-punk not unlike Dillinger Four, Osker (Treatment 5 era), Jawbreaker and/or Fifteen.  With plans for a 4 song vinyl/digital/tape release in the spring, definitely keep an eye on these guys and keep expectations high because they will most certainly deliver!  In the meantime, sip some hot cocoa with them for their acoustic set at Eyeconik Records on the 27th.  The event page for that can be found HERE.

Mediafire Download: www.mediafire.com?994j5sit95av0zr


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