Local Music February: Night Birds

If asked to rate Night Birds on a scale from 1-10, they most certainly would get a hang-ten in my book.  OH! Yeah… uh… They’ve probably been my favorite local band since I heard their demo about a year ago.   Anyway, as we brave the cold through this harsh winter, Night Birds remind us that the time for waves, sand, and sun lurks in the not-so-distant future with their flawless blend of  surf and punk.  This ex-Ergs project takes the attitude  and zest of  California punk bands like The Adolescents, and D.I. and meshes it with the twang and  splash of  classic surf bands such as Eddie & the Showmen and Dick Dale and his Deltones.  The result:  their own gnarly breed of bratty shore-style punk rock that may very well spark an interest in surfing and surf culture.  In other words, I wish I was as cool as these dudes.   Click readmore for more on the band, a live video and a link to their releases.

After seeing Night Birds live, you can’t help but to want to start a band even if you’re already in four ;).   The guitar player’s hand is a blur as he  shreds surf leads from the floor on a beautiful beat-up Fender Jaguar .  The bassist  seamlessly utters vocal harmonies and backups as his fingers dance all over the neck with his walking bass lines that add even more to dynamic of the band.  All in all, the energy can not only be seen from the entire band, but felt.  Needless to say, I can’t wait to see them again and hope to soon!  All of their current releases can be purchased HERE.  Like them on facebook HERE.


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