Local Music February: Keith Kenny

THIS FUCKING GUY!  Just as I began over-recycling some of my local music for THIS lovely challenge, along came Keith.  I had the pleasure of seeing Keith Kenny last night at the Stanhope House.  Well, I saw bits and pieces of his set while shuffling between the two rooms and boy do I wish I saw the whole thing, especially after coming home and listening to his latest EP.  Okay…enough about me lets move onto Keith shall we?… “One man can make a difference,” and Keith Kenny submits to that statement .  Armed with an acoustic guitar, an arsenal of pedals and a suitcase…yes a suitcase, in true traveling musician fashion,  Keith Kenny emulates the power and intensity of a full band while remaining gimmick-free.  The energy this man produces with his fusion of folk, blues, rock, country, and even stoner-metal jams is inspiring as he belts and screams with the utmost sincerity.  Click readmore for more on Keith Kenny, a live video (Tool Cover) and a link to stream his latest EP “Evil Fuzz Magic,” where he rocks just as hard with a full band.  (Anything with Fuzz in the title usually rules.  See Mudhoney‘s “Super Fuzz Bigmuff.” Just sayin’!)

Keith’s unique style of playing and guitar tone stand out; he often puts distortion on his acoustic guitar and uses it as percussion by hitting it with his hands over a loop station…pretty awesome stuff!  This dude certainly shreds and I never knew an acoustic guitar could sound so heavy!  His voice compliments his playing perfectly with a suitable dose of rasp.  Much difficulty lies in pin-pointing his influences, but we spend too much time trying to categorize shit anyway!  He seems to draw from various genres to create something truly different but comforting in it’s honesty.  Clearly, Keith knows his stuff…I hear a lot of 60’s homage going on though and bands like Witchcraft and Blue Cheer come to mind.  Hear/decide for yourself by clicking HERE and please buy it if you’re into it!  Below is a video of Keith playing Tool’s “Sober” at the Stone Pony.


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