Will Good Friend Electric (Brooklyn) Die?

I’m going to go with a firm NO.  I’ve been having a lot of positive thoughts and feelings about the “scene,” lately and when I think about it, 3 distinct places or home bases  if you will, come to mind:  the Stanhope House, Eyeconik Records and Good Friend Electric– a music/art collective that lurks in the Underground of Brooklyn, NY. All three places have a handle in building/rebuilding this little community of musicians we have going on and all 3 places are made up of a small but growing group of dedicated people.  GFE recently posted a note on facebook about their, for lack of a better term, eviction.  Does this mean the collective responsible for Local Music February in the first place is dead?  I don’t think so.   GFE is what it is because of the ideas and  the people behind them. It doesn’t matter where they’re housing their all night jammin’ dance binges as long as the hardworking people with the crazy ideas are still fueling them (which they are) and they’re still going with the craziest ideas they have instead of holding back.  Expect GFE to take this hit, but to move on from it and to continue to flourish and expand.   After all, GOOD FRIEND ELECTRIC IS PEOPLE.  I know a lot of people have expressed their concern and support for the collective and that just shows that the community still thrives.  So, we here at Bedside Manner bid you luck Good Friend Electric, and our support is with you.  Click readmore for Tyler’s statement and the uproar of comments that followed.  Oh…and a special little clip ;)…

“Good Friend Electric is being forced out of the Mckibbin Lofts. As the most notorious landlord in Bushwick said, he is “trying to kill the culture and music of the building,” (yes he literally said that) so Mckibbin can become a quite place for the aging residents. We had a blast this past year and met some good friends. We will remain in Bushwick of course, just a few blocks around the corner. We wanted to stay for another year in Mckibbin, but unfortunately it seems that some of our friends who have been here longer were right in that we caught this building at the end of its day. If you stay here, be sure to enjoy the increase in rent and increased prices in the new laundry room, and best of all the quieter building.

Is it worth us fighting to stay another year? Would you help? Or should we just move down the street? But I can promise these last days will be loud.”- Tyler Cutitta

If you want to reply or read what others have to say click HERE.


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