Local Music March?- The Flops: Demo

Though Local Music February came and went, expect Bedside Manner to continue posting local artists and free downloads from time to time because, well, why not?  Here, we’ll focus on the Flops– a groovy thrash quartet hailing from Sussex County, New Jersey.  If you live in the middle of nowhere, don’t bitch about it and become a drone- start a band and thrash the days away…or learn how to skateboard or something!  That’s what the Flops do.  Click readmore to download the demo for FREE and more!

The Flops don’t let their place on the map bring ’em down and their demo proves that- not to mention their live show.  Whether they’re playing far from home in Brooklyn, or a bit closer in Stanhope, they always seem to deliver.  Appropriately listed as, “Backwoods Grime/ Crud Rock” the Flops shred with high energy skate-punk and thrash tunes with the occasional stoner jam  and rippin’ solo that are all too easy to get lost in.  Waste ‘Em all era- Municipal Waste, old Suicidal Tendencies, and Sleep come to mind.   Be sure to check them out next Friday at the adorable, Tuscan Cafe in Warwick, New York  with Molting, who are coming up from Philly solely to rock with the Flops.  If you can’t make that, there’s always April Fool’s at the Meatlocker.  More on that HERE.  Below is a link to their download and it’s 100% free!  Get on that!

Mediafire Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1xggmccb0qtbi9z


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