Velvet Suit Interviews- Small Steps Productions

We recently caught up with Erin Hopping of Small Steps Productions electronic interview style.  Don’t worry, we were wearing velvet suits when we wrote the questions and we busted them out again to read the responses.  Though we did this online, as this is the modern age, we will attempt to  present it in  such a way that suggests a real-life face  to face conversation actually took place.  See how that pans out by clicking readmore!  Click HERE to see what we said about Small Steps Productions earlier this month.

It’s been 3+ years since the last Small Steps production show. I guess that brings up a few questions. a) Why did you stop doing shows? b) What made you decide to get back into it? c) What were your best and Worst shows and why?

a. I lost interest. A lot of money spent, not a lot of respect shown, and it’s hard work. Plus after you don’t go to as many shows you stop knowing who to book to have a good show, a lot of the bands I was booking broke up, the scene died (for me) for a while.
b. Seems to be a scene to book shows for again, and a friend of mine had gotten into a band and they were looking to play some specific shows, like Philadelphia and such and I was just interested in helping out, mainly for my interest in Philly. hah. As not good of an answer as that is. plus, I have been going to a lot more shows within the last year or 6 months or whatever than i have in a long time, and it’s just fun again.
c. Safe to say my two best shows (I’m going to say three) were Fake your Death‘s last show, To Kill The King‘s Last show, and The Devil Wears Prada. Worst, I can’t even begin. hahahaha.

Where are you looking to host the shows?

Well I’m doing some stuff through Lectric Pulp but that’s not the same as Small Steps, perhaps up in Warwick at the Tuscan, or there are a few other places that have come to my attention in the area. I’m not too sure. I’ll probably know more, once i really get back into it.

We here at Bedside Manner fully support all of that!  Really, Joe and Lectric Pulp have been doing a lot of great things for local music and the Tuscan Cafe is one of our favorite places for local music, grub and tea.  You getting any help this time around or you think it’ll be a one woman show (which doesn’t seem to be a problem for ya by the way)?

I like to work by myself.

Do you know who Bill from Obsessions is? If you do, what are your thoughts on him?

I don’t know him, but I hear some absurd things, if I’m thinking of the right man.

Oh, I’m sure you are.  I’ve heard plenty of stories, was just trying to stir the pot a little hah, pardon me.  Anyway, who are some other respectable promoters out there and why?

Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp (as previously mentioned); Natalie, Genna & Olivia from Mustache Mag; Tyler Cutitta of Good Friend Electric from Brooklyn; Sarah / Corner Shoppe Productions (KITTEN FEST 2k11 HELL YEAH!!) I hear there’s now a Giant Steps Productions hahaha, I’m sure they’re great people.. Team up? Per HAPSSSS. For something big. Other than that I believe we all like to do our own thing with eachother’s help.

I’ve heard of this Giant Steps and good call on the help bit.  You pretty much mentioned all the people I was hoping you would aka all the relevant promoters ;)…  What do you think the current state of the “scene” is and where do you see it going?

The current state of the scene actually surprises me, I didn’t really ever think it would pick back up the way it has and it brings a smile to my little heart. I think at this point, maybe some of the people I know I’ll be seeing around in bands 20 years from now when I visit the Jerz from wherever the hell I go…Who knows?

Well put. I think there’s something to say for people who keep doing it, but grow with it instead of getting stuck.  Like, you can keep your band together that you had in high school and it can easily become washed up, or you can keep it fresh and evolve with it and continue to put out records/reinvent yourself and it is interesting to see where people who are “still doing it” are and where they’re going.  /end rant.  Uh…What was the last CD you bought?

Hoh boyyyy, I borrowed the Abbot 1135 album from my uncle a little while ago, that’s the last cd I have acquired, but I PLAN on purchasing Annoying Customer‘s new album “Intervals” the next time I meet those beautiful human beings.

I’m pretty sure they were giving those away!  Get on that!  If not, you can download it for free on their bandcamp page, along with their “Mongoose,” album.  Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions!  One more…Say I had a band, and uh, I wanted to play a show at said Stanhope House or Tuscan Cafe and I heard of this Small Steps Productions we’re speaking of.  How would I go about getting booked by you?

Facebook. Post on the wall of the page, or message me if you can. It’s simple.



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