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It should be noted that I didn’t make it to the end of this album, but decided to write about it anyway.  Fuck me. Right?   Anyway, we get it, you can play a hammer solo.  We get it, you can play fast.   We get it, you grew up on NOFX, but also dug Iron Maiden. Same here. We get it, you’re drummer is solid…wait, actually, not too sure on that one.  It’s pretty  hard to ignore the drums on this recording.  They sound fake and programmed, which they probably are and I just can’t get over it.  WAHH.    Also, the bass severely lacks presence.  I can’t say much else about this.  Call me jaded, but I guess they just don’t make skate-punk albums like they used to.  It’s not the Deviates or Strung Out, but it does sound like a Dexter Holland of  Offspring slash Deryk from Sum 41 hybrid singing over bad  Dragonforce songs.  Oh wait, every Dragonforce song is bad and so is this.  Fat Mike generally follows a trend of signing NOFX clones, so why expect anything different?  Check out Zerodown‘s “With a Lifetime to Pay”- a Fat Wreckchord’s release that featured the now deceased, Jim Cherry who is better known for his bass duties in Strung Out and Pulley.  Great album.  Or, Go listen to the new One Win Choice record HERE.  They’ve got the tech-punk/melodic social aware thing down pretty well and deliver it tastefully with cohesiveness.  Oh yeah this is about Pour Habit.  My bad.  Did I mention the bad reggae song that totally kills any flow the album may have had?  Didn’t think so…Either way, they get to play with some of my favorite bands growing up, so who’s really been slighted?


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