New Melissa & Paul Tests Have Arrived

See, I’m holding them in my hand like a hand of cards.  As some of y’all may know, the first set were not approve-able, but that’s why they send these things…all part of the process. After a few weeks of calling/waiting, they’ve finally made it.  I listened to one set and they’re good to go; gonna listen to the rest later with Melissa.     Honestly, I  know there’s a huge debate on this, but whether you think  vinyl sounds better or not, I think for the type of band Melissa & Paul is, it’s appropriate and well just plain cool.  Have no fear though (like you were in the first place hah) there will be a digital component to the release with bonus tracks!   May 19th is the anticipated release.  Let’s hope all goes well, since we booked a weekend of shows with that in mind.  If you haven’t yet, check out side B of “Distractions” below.


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