The Painters- Less is More

Now availble!  We’re happy to announce that The Painters have joined the Bedside Manner family via digital download.  Some of you may recongize the voice as the former personality of the still-truckin’ Young American Artists.  That’s right folks, not only is Ian Keller an ex-member of NJ’s Titus Andronicus, he shredded some vocal chords with Bedside’s Young American Artists for their first two sessions.  If you lost interest after his departure, this is certainly for you!  If that’s not enough, the ever-so-important, Pitchfork Media is also raving about The Painters  and we have pictures…well, a picture to prove it!  They gave Less is More an 8.7/10 saying “It’s so bad that it is good, but then it’s bad again and then it’s good and then once again it turns bad.”

Now, I’ve yet to determine whether Ian is a genius or insane, or maybe  a bit of both, but I cannot deny my enthusiasm for his minimal approach to songwriting topped with an airy, smooth, and refreshing voice.  I would be lying if I said he didn’t sing me to sleep a few times, literally.  I encourage you to check out this release and start your own journey on solving the puzzle that is Ian Keller and The Painters.  Embrace those traffic stopping colors!  Fans of the White Stripes, The Gories and The Mummies may dig this!  Listen to the entire release above and download it for free HERE.


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