Ogo gives the Mister Snake tape an honest review…

From Ogo Reviews it All:  “Mister Snake is a band from Toms River, NJ. They play a style of music that not too many bands in the local area are playing and it is awesome to say the least. They recently released a tape and it seriously impressed me with it’s creativity. The band draws alot of influence from grunge and  Black Sabbath. Basically if Ozzy Osbourne was best friends with Kurt Cobain and Buzz from the Melvins they’d start a band like Mister Snake. Right off the bat this tape takes no time to give you a kick in your ass with the song Gut Bucket. This song is heavily sabbath influenced especially with the tempo changes, definitely my favorite song on the tape. The second song Teeth does a 180 and reminds me of Primus and the early Meat Puppets alot which is awesome. The song Angles is also really cool and is definitely very grunge influenced, hearing the song automatically teleports you back to 1990. The final song God/My Life is my second favorite song on the tape because it draws influence from Pavement which I think is really cool. Also, if your familiar with Josh Jurks previous band The Jurks this song will definitely be a treat for you. To wrap this up I strongly suggest you check this tape out for yourself. I think 100 were made which makes this thing kind of limited however I think they might have some left. I also suggest seeing these guys live. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out you wont be disappointed!”

You can still pick up a copy of the tape for $5.  There are only 100, best way to get it is at a Mister Snake show.   We’re trying to get them to North Jersey asap.   Also, if you like or hate any other Bedside release enough and would like to review it, please contact us.  You’ll get a free digital copy of whatever you decide to review if you do.


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