NotRock Sampler Vol. III Details Revealed

NotRock Records recently announced some crucial details about their next comp on their SITE.  Note: we have nothing to do with this and are not trying to take credit.  NotRock Records arranged the whole thing and put a lot of effort into it’s production.  We’re just really stoked on it and wanted to post about it here to show our appreciation.  Also, some Bedside Manner affiliated bands will appear on it (Gypsy Wig, Melissa & Paul, Young American Artists).  We’re really happy to be part of this! What they are doing is inspirational and with the best of intentions.  Here’s a snippet of what they have to say about it:

  “The purpose of this compilation is to share and expose people to a lot of the great music that our friends are out there making right now. It’s free because not only do we want to share it with you but we would like YOU to share it with others as well. These artists are making fantastic music and the world deserves to hear it. Please help us share it with them. Speaking of the fine artists featured on this compilation, it’s time they were revealed to you.”  How awesome is that!  Read the full story HERE.  Or readmore for some highlights and details.

Here are some informational highlights:
-Due out in early July.
-30 Tracks/2 Disks.
-Limited 1st Pressing of only 200 hand numbered compact disks in exclusive special packaging.
-Digital Release to follow.
-2nd FREE Pressing will be available in a 5 color assortment.
-The bands appearing on the comp are as follows (* indicates exclusive track to the comp):

The Human Era*
Annoying Customer*
Please Exist*
Melissa & Paul*
Rabbit Troupe*
Hides A Well*
Young Legs*
Clint Peter*
Riley Stallings*
The Ashes*
Little Light,
John T. Fisher*
The Benedict Arnold Trade School*
Bunyan/Quasar, Bryan George*
End Transmission*
Systolic Reverie*
Four Fingers*
Matt Olsson*
Young American Artists*
The Arts and Crafts Movement*
4Headed Monster
Cephalopods And Their Allies*
Gypsy Wig
Kamp Koala

Can’t wait to blast this in my car!


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