Gems from the Past Vol. 4- Ten Dollar Nosebleed

“PUT ALL THE TRUST YOU GAVE ME IN A BULLET. LET ME PUT THE GUN TO YOUR HEAD.”  The band included members of Flynn and some went on to join/form Captives, Earth Stood Still, and Time Will Tell.   I don’t know much else about this band except that they were probably rawest band around at the time (right up there with Shit for Brains and METCS) with some heaviest lyrics and no gimmicks which flooded the scene in 2002-2004.  Word has it that Eric (vocals) is a regular at Eyeconik Records.  Below is a mediafire link to their 8 track album recorded at Klarity Studios.  You may have to make Iexplorer your default because the files are protected for some reason, I had no problem playing them when I did that…mysterious.  CLICK HERE to download.


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  1. Although the band was short-lived, they really left an impression on everybody that heard their music and/or watch them perform. To this day, people still spit out their lyrics. Natives of Franklin, NJ, they played many local venues. You felt a feeling of unity with everybody around you as you’d crowd towards the front of the stage to sing along. I don’t know. Being a Franklin native myself, I felt especially close with these guys at times. I might have more photography I can unearth from that time. There were only a handful that came up.

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