Black Wine’s Summer of Indifference

We won’t delve into the whole ex-member thing.  Nope…not this time!  For one, if you’re reading this, you probably know all about that and for two, the band is totally worthy existing as their own entitiy, especially with this release!  Let’s get into it, shall we?  Black Wine recently returned from tour and they’re heavier than ever with their latest LP- Summer of Indifference.   Their last EP/7″ hinted on the band’s more aggressive direction and this album continues on that notion.  Don’t worry though, they didn’t abandon the catchy melody and energy that made their debut; they just paired it with RIFFS.  The fact that they all sing makes it perfect for our A.D.D.  generation and it doesn’t hurt that they all can sing and seem to have an ear for a catchy melody.  The recording has a lot more oomph and punch than their early releases, but it still sounds like a real band playing real instruments with real voices and no lame effects.  I’d be lying if  I said I haven’t been singing “Psyche myself out for what might come,” both in my head and out loud since I heard “End of Days” a few weeks ago.  Did someone say anthem?  I’m really happy that the rest of the album rocks just as hard and I’m psyched to pick it up this Friday at the Court Tavern where they will join Keith Kenny, Les Trois Chaud, and Melissa & Paul.  Listen to/download the album HERE or pick up the record HERE.


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