Melissa & Paul Release Live EP for Good Cause

From INDIE REBELLION:  “Many bands have come through the hallowed WSPC Radio studio to do many sets over the many weeks; however, not many bands have ever played a plugged set or released their tracks as an official download. Well, Melissa & Paul were the first to do both.

Equipped with an electric guitar, pedals, practice amp, and a make shift drum set that comprised of suitcases and bucket, Melissa & Paul played the first ever plugged set on Indie Rebellion and did a fantastic job. Belting out three tracks available on their “Distractions/Goin’ Home” Double 7″ (available for $5) and a previously unrecorded song called “Try Hard,” they crammed the small studio with fantastic garage rock sound. You can download the 4 live tracks until September 18th and it is pay-what-you-want. All donations made to the album will go straight to the Rebuilding the Silent Barn Kickstarter page.Download your copy of the live acoustic set now and if you have a few bucks lying around, then give them to a good cause. What are you waiting for?!”

Note: You’re not discouraged from downloading the EP for free, but it would be much appreciated if you support the cause!  Melissa & Paul are currently gearing up for their east coast tour w/Dead Ringer.  Perhaps you can catch them at one of THESE shows.  Check out both releases HERE.


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