Author’s Note-When Paul had asked, well I guess I volunteered to write for Bedside Manner, I thought, “shit, he thinks I can write interesting stuff.” Luckily, I was able to conjure up the ability to write about the upcoming math-rock quintet Our Daily Fix. I sat down with the guys last week at one of their infamous “male time” sessions which consists of the guys hanging around….in a hot tub, so don’t mind the bubbles. Here goes nothing-CJ

Getting started-The band formed as acoustic project between vocalist/guitarist Bryan Kopchak and bassist/Italian Greg Foreste in August of 2010. The original material written was described by Kopchak as “Renaissance Faire type shit, just

ODF has been compared to a various array of bands from Cap'N Jazz to the Fall of Troy. One time someone said "the bridge between Rival Schools and American Football."

without the turkey legs.”  He then continued to tell me how what made it feel like that was the fact was that it was mathy type music, but on acoustic guitars. This is when they called it Thomas Joseph Stevenson to play drums. After about a week of being a trio, the band played a show at Bryans house, which they seemed to not enjoy recollecting at all.

Fastfoward to the late fall, early winter of 2010. The band added another guitarist (Dan Burns) and a two-man horn section (Clayton Chan and Jeff Butta). It was as this six-piece line up they played their first “real show,” at the Tuscan Cafe with central-Jersey favorites, Communication Redlight and Eyeswan. The band plowed through shows until March of 2011 when they parted ways with their trumpet-player Jeff. It was at this point, the band then decided to work more intensely on “making their set sound more consistent,” according to their drummer TJ Stevenson.

Growing Up-When I asked the band what they would define this “rebirth” process, we ended up coming up with the idea that they went through puberty. As awkward, as that sounds, it was very, very true. Since then the band, solidified their sound to the point where they enjoyed the listings of bands they were being compared to (Cap’N Jazz, Rival Schools) as opposed to strangely (Vampire Weekend) accepting them.

In addition to maturing musically, the bands main lyricist, Bryan, has stated that he feels a lot of his poetry-based song writing has grown.

Our Daily Fix (Gregs House Show 7.29.11) by Phylicia Chartier

Not only in the style of his lyrics, but what the songs are about. Instead of writing about all the negatives (ex-girlfriends, distaste in locations), his songs have shifted a little more towards a positive light. (“You know, like nature and shit.”)

With the guys playing shows everywhere from the Meatlocker in Montclair to festivals in upstate New York (and I mean UPstate) the guys of ODF have yet to show any signs of stopping. Although educational experience will cause a slight yield for them, any intentions of a complete halt are slim to none.

The band is currently recording tracks with Jake from Eyeswan with the intent to have it released this fall and are currently planning a winter tour, possibly with Warwick semi-“emo” revivalites Pigeon

In a nutshell-Our Daily Fix plays “math with sax,” and feeds off of punk rock ethos. Check them out on the web by heading over to their moonfruit page or by checking them out at one of their upcoming shows. (Facebook Event pages linked in listings)

8.19.2011-Tuscan Cafe-with Jessica Dennison, Community and more-7PM $6

8.21.2011-Gregs House Show Part Duex-with Document, Bury these Old Ghosts and Deck Yr Twin.


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  1. sick SOUL MATH yo!
    dudes are awesome playas

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