Planet Yesteryear: Your Destination for Old-time Radio

A good friend of mine runs this and well….here, just read his statement….can’t say it any better.  “Imagine a time where there was no television, video games, or the internet. But what you did have was your family radio and your imagination. An escape from your daily life even if it was just for a half hour. Whether you were sitting laughing at your favorite comedy show, or curled up in fear listening to your favorite mystery. Years ago radio was the #1 source for entertainment. Even though the golden age of radio took place many years ago. People all around the world today are still loving it. Remembering all the radio shows of the golden age. Planet Yesteryear is a site dedicated to keeping the spirit of OLD TIME RADIO alive.”  With that said, I’m going to try to listen to at least one of these a week in hopes of escaping reality a little…



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