Gypsy Wig and Melissa & Paul to play Maxwell’s (on separate dates)+ MORE UPDATES!

First up is Gypsy Wig, The Brian St. John Quartet, and Looters in a Riot NEXT WEDNESDAY at 8pm.  In November, Melissa & Paul return to Maxwell’s via Don Giovanni Records with The Potatomen, Laura Stevenson and The Cans, Waxahatchee, and Sparkle Shit

In other news, the NOTROCK RECORDS comp release is tomorrow featuring Insouciant, Rabbit Troupe, Young American Artists, The Human Era and many more!  All of the bands are playing 4 song/20 minute sets.  Stoked on that!  I’ve been following the production of this comp since I heard about it and I must say we can all learn a thing or two about DIY from NRR…truly inspiring/hardworking dude(s).  The comp will look awesome….you’ll see!  In the meantime, listen to it  HERE!

Also, Melissa & Paul will be spending the weekend recording for their next release.  They’ll be teaming up again with Kevin Carafa, but this time they’re recording at the Bedside Manner for a more comfortable atmosphere.  More on that soon!  Listen to their first release and live EP HERE.


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