EP REVIEW: Gameday Regulars-But It’s Hell in the Hallway

by Colin Jay

Think of how often you see a band that pulls off being a trio. Seriously think. Most of the time they’ll crack and bring a second guitarist in for live shows or even additional musicians on other instruments. However, with Gameday Regulars, that clearly is not the case.

The trio’s debut EP packs a punch stronger that you have no choice but to graciously accept it. The first track “Pale Reflections,” starts off with some sort of bitter-driven guitar that would remind you at first almost of some sort of new release from melodic punks, Avail. Once the song picks up, obvious influences alt-punk such as Hot Water Music appear especially throughout the track with Will Romeo’s screams leading metaphorical pile-ons left and right.Cover

The EP continues on with the feeling that you just got some sort of compilation from the Fest down in Gainsville with moments of songs like “Hearts and Bones” remind me musically of something similar to contempararies such as the Gaslight Anthem, other times there is even a more Frank Turner-esque feel in songs like “Heavy Bikes.”

The diversity of the EP may surprise you considering it is only six songs. However, the Bronx, NY trio found a way to make it all work together. The roughly twenty-minute release closes with what seems like might be their hit single. “The Whiskey Keeps Us Young,” practically defines this band. Much like the rest of the EP the bass lines pop out at times almost acting as a second guitar. It’s just that bass with the raised mids and trebles that really attracts me I guess. Other than that this track closes out with this track that like I said, will be stuck in your head once you listen to it. I wish I could pin-point who they sound exactly like, but they have, at least to me found a way to incorporate so many influence I would need another post just to cover it. The EP is streaming over at PunkNews, but honestly, you’ll probably just end up buying it in some form after a listen or two. This EP is one of the most heartfelt of the year.

Gameday Regulars-But Theres Hell in the Hallway is out now on Mightier Than the Sword Records. The guys will be on tour this october with fellow label-mates Nightmares For A Week.

For fans of-Hot Water Music, Avail, Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner, Make Do and Mend


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