I know I haven’t updated in a while, but I assure you we here at Bedside Manner are still a thing. I just haven’t been on the net much since the power outtage and I don’t have smart phone.  Anyway, we have some exciting stuff coming up: 

The Painters will be releasing their third album on 11/11/11 with a revamped lineup.  Where’s the first album you wonder?  Well, we’re working on getting that up too, it is definitely something you should hear. 

Melissa & Paul have finished recording their next release and are planning a 10″ release via Bedside Manner and another tba label(s).  There will also be a digital and tape component.  The tape will include tracks you can only get on the tape!  I guess those aren’t really called tracks though.  Either way, the vinyl and tape will both be limited releases, but a full digital release is also in the works.  This all should be ready early next year, hopefully before record store day!  M & P are also playing this Sunday for a Don Giovanni showcase at Maxwell’s with Black Wine, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, The Potatomen and more!  Both Gypsy Wig and Melissa & Paul are slated to do a four day weekend tour in early January.  More updates on that soon!

One more thing: WE DIDN’T FORGET ABOUT THE CHURCH RETREAT!  That is still very much in the works.  We’ve been recieving finished audio and preparing it to send to Eric so he can get on the video editing! 


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