by Colin Jay

What would you do if I found a band that mixes elements of Bomb the Music Industry, the Beach Boys and No Age? Well, you and I are about to find out, because Beekman, NY’s Dumb Talk does just that. I asked the trio questions a few weeks back at their first local show as a band at the Tuscan Cafe and heres what came out of it.

On “the bass guitar and harmonies,” is Harry “Terry” Manning, Ian Clifford Dwy “hits shit and sings shit,” while guitarist William Smith plays guitar (only on Tuesdays apparently). The three piece formed after previous musical outfits Jon Impostor and Nicholas Rage were laid to rest. However, though the guys former bands are not to foreshadow how this band sounds. In fact when I asked the newly formed band what are somethings they would like to avoid, one of them responded “sounding like Weezer.”

Dumb Talk live at the Tuscan 11.12.11 (by Andrew Giacomazza)

It’s not that the band specifically has something against Weezer, but more so the idea of being limited in the way the sound. Each member showed interest in wanting to not be “diverse” necessarily, but being more of a communal effort, resulting in a sound that makes it harder to pin point what is influencing them. When I asked the cliche` influence question, they really just agreed on things that were not bands. Just items such as Camel (filters) and Members Only jackets. That is with drummer, Ian being the only member, that is.

With the band still in its infantile stage, they seem to have made a decent stamp on the internet or with “dat blog hype.” Such a strong presence although such lo-fi recordings. When I discussed with the guys regarding their freshly cut tracks, they seemed to have made a point to state, they are only lo-fi for monetary reasons.

Lo-fi or hi-fi, these songs still pack a toe-tapping punch. If you can I highly suggest seeing the trio live. Dumb Talk plans on releasing their EP “Love Sea” on December 1st and hopefully a full length release at some point in the spring.

For Fans of: the Replacements, Beach Boys and No Age.

Dumb Talk on facebook

Dumb Talk on BandCamp


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