by Colin Jay

Normally for these featured profiles, I interview the bands and just get some basic insight into how the band formed, and where the plan on going. So often I find myself trying to come up with some sort of witty comment to open up with about where they are and their future, that is until I sat down with Derek and Benny of  BottomFeeder. The five-piece super “mediocre-group” (as Derek Reilly also of Jaguar Shark-vocals, stated) or “fellowship” (stated by Benny Horrowitz also of the Gaslight Anthem-drums) came out of simply just forming a “no-plan band.” After a few diner discussions the guys contacted Corey Perez of Let Me Run, on guitar who contacted roommates Dan King and Mike Maroney of Gates.

BottomFeeder live at their record release at Maxwells (12.16.11)

As far as why the guys are interested in the project, it is partially-related to the difference in genre. Horrowitz even went onto say that if songs from BottomFeeder were featured in the main projects, they would have no place and would just “sound stupid.” However, the true contrasting factor is that the guys are straight-up doing it for fun and to almost revitalize the “immediate and real” feeling that Horrowitz and Reilly think should not be forgotten and was often present in the scene around a decade ago.

So if they have no goals, then what are we going to see from BottomFeeder? Well, they just released a 10″ EP on Human Blood Records and are in the process of working to release a split release with Jersey City’s own Something About Death or Dying who they deemed as one of the very few other “no-plan bands.”

Even though at the end of the day, BottomFeeder’s sound and ethos have one of the most punk in the scene, the songs do not disappoint a single bit. Next year will be a “hectic year for everybody else’s bands,” according to Reilly so the amount you will have chances to see the band will be scarce, but I highly suggest you do not pass up the chance to see these guys for yourself. The energy of their live show is pretty unbelievable. Until you actually get the chance to see them, enjoy the live video of “You Son of a Bitch” at the Court Tavern.

(I’d like to make note, that Horrowitz wanted to make clear he enjoys “all nine.” as far as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings films)


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