Speedy Review: Conor & The Stonehill Kids- JERK FARM

By: Booker T. Experience

The twang of surf! The grit of punk!  The raw power of garage!  The groove of Sabbath! Do you like any or all of that shit?  Welp, meet  Conor & the Stonehill Kids– a power trio from Midland Park, NJ.  Actually, power trio is an understatement.  You gotta listen/hear these dudes for yourself…It’s like if the Black Lips were better and heavier. Bold statement, I know, but prove me wrong!  They may not drink their own piss live, but they don’t have to because the energy and music resound with not-so elegant riffs and vocals that remind us that not taking yourself so seriously can yield great and focused music.  “We just used 2 room mics and recorded in in like a day,” says singer/guitarist, Eric Meyers.   I can’t wait to belt the lines “I’m so glad she’s not pregnant”  and  “Everybody loves New York City..but me,” next time I see/play with these dudes.

This just in:  The other album rules too! I can’t decide which I like more.   Listen to/freely download them both HERE.


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