Trapped in the Wine Cellar

At around 3:30 am on January 28, 2012, shortly after a rowdy Dead Unicorn show in Kingston, NY,  photographer/bird-man Dave Spangenburg  along with ex members of Young American Artists (Kenny Wilson, Sara Kosa, and Paul Alan), Emphasis (James R. Theesfeld) and Last Light (Kenny) managed to lock themselves in radon stricken wine cellar located in the rear of the Bedside Manor.  As panic intensified and they realized there was no way out, they turned to technology for assistance…hence the photograph.  Dan Scarpa of Big Wilson River and Jefferson Township’s People In Charge (among many others- he also had a small stint with The Painters, but was asked to leave because he had too many bands), who lives almost directly across the street from the manor was coming home from a night out when he got the call from Paul Alan.

“Can you do do me a huge favor?” He asked of Dan.

“Um, yeah…what?”  “Well, we somehow locked ourselves in the wine cellar and the only other person that was here (Kait Barone-also ex-Painters) left about a half hour ago and she is not picking up her phone.

About ten minutes later as Dan walked through the unlocked front door of Bedside Manor, the 5 trapped musicians exhaled with cheers of relief and triumph.  When asked what they were doing in the cellar in the first place, Sara Kosa replied with a confident, “I don’t fuckin’ know.”

It should be noted that  Kait Barone switched her cellular phone to “silent-mode.”  We have all the faith in the world that she would have come back to the rescue, had she gotten the call.  Kait arrived home safely just after 4am stating “SORRY GUYS MY PHONE WAS ON SILENT 😦 i just got home. glad you were able to be let out!!!” via text message.  We here at Bedside Manner are just happy that everybody is okay and are extremely thankful for Dan Scarpa…the hero.


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