One of the most influential bands on me personally have decided to call it quits. Even though none of the bands I have ever been a part of have done nearly as much as One Win Choice,  I’ve always looked to them as sort of a mentor band on how to handle the bands I am in.  They’ve remained a staple in my musical world for the past ten or so years (since I met them in the FYD years) as a reminder to do more and to do it all.  They maintained the band through various lineup changes, schooling and career choices while truly staying true to their convictions and contributing positively to any scene they were a part of.  Please do yourself a favor and download their last album HERE- one of the best and most powerful releases of last year.  Click READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY for what they had to say about their farewell and their last shows.  I expect nothing short of great/honest music from the remaining members in their new project(s).

“After roughly ten years of One Win Choice being a band, those of us who remain have decided to call it quits.  Recently, Justin, our guitar player and one of the founding members relayed to us that it was time for him to bow out and focus on other aspects of his life.  Given all the changes we have had in the last three to four  years, we saw that it was time to put One Win Choice to rest and move on.  Our final tour will be at the end of October down to the Fest in Gainesville, Florida and we could think of no better way to celebrate it than with our best buddies in Astpai from overseas.


We cannot possibly thank everyone enough for all the support over the years, from releasing records, booking shows, cooking meals, sleeping places, kind words, and good conversations.


Keep an eye out for new music from the remaining four in the not so distant future.


See you on the road, at The Fest, or in our daily lives.

-Dan, Justin, Justin, Pete, and Phil”


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