I don’t really collect vinyl, but I do buy records to spin.  Throughout my short time purchasing records, I’ve accumulated quite a few 7″ records and I must say this split stands out as the most unique, not only visually, but audibly.  Off Camber and Between Your Mind & Tongue are like the perfect couple, but not one of those “really…here? eww GROSS” ones…no cringing here.  You want them to succeed; you want them to be happy and spit in the face of the ever-increasing divorce rate that has become the “norm.” Separately, they each offer their own unique brand of super-abrasive screamo with a dose of math and melodic guitars leaving room for the bass to comfortably nestle in all the holes.  Together, they effectively compiled a cohesive/flowing and hard-hitting EP- a very challenging feat…even for a band standing alone. Oh, and the songs are about things…real things.  They don’t scream just to scream.  Read along, they’ll convince you, too.  I highly anticipate future endeavors  by both bands as they both set the bar high with this one and though I used a cliche, there’s absolutely nothing cliche about this.  These 5 audio assaults paired with the screened/comprehensive foldout are a must have for wax collectors or fans of substance/art in general. It’s  limited to 300 (on black) with no label affiliation.  You can purchase and listen the split HERE (OFF CAMBER) or HERE (BETWEEN YOUR MIND & TONGUE).


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