I e-browsed my way  upon Nervous Impulse early last week and I mail-ordered their 12″ based on the cover art and name alone.  I guess the old cliche is hard to avoid…I figured that with the name and their simple yet striking logo, they would be a hyper band that pays homage to greats from yesteryear.  I was right…Little did I know that their package would come sealed with such unique and unexpected vocals.  Early Danzig and H.R. of Bad Brains come to mind, but Serge’s voice stands apart with its own character and quality.  You won’t find run-of-the-mill screaming in N.I.  Instead, you get half-yelled/half-sung bombardments of semi-melodic stream-of-conscience lyrics over pounding bass and thrashy guitar with a small dose of noodling that won’t leave a bitter taste.   The EP contains 8 songs in under 15 minutes, and if you have a short attention span, like me, I’m sure you can stay awake for the entire duration of the album and return for more.  Listen to the demo below.  The full length has songs from that re-done.


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