How do a mere two people make such a cacophony?  How does said racket sounds so rad and delightfully organized?  Please Exist…that’s how.  They  jutted  this EP out amidst the recording of their full-length and I’m sure glad they did.  With only 4 songs, Please Exist defined (their sound), refined (their sound) and remind (us) that less is, and always will be…more.  Describing this as “heavy” would rob the duo of a more fitting term, that I can’t quite pin-down.  I’ll just describe it as I hear it.   Ralph pounds his guitar while switching back and forth from clean to filthy distortion over the thumping and thundering of John’s ferocious and hard-hitting drumming.  Ralph’s goth-tinged lyrics sit perfectly as he switches between a harsh scream/yell to a more elegant melodic/utterance, at all the right times.  You’d swear that these two would finish each others sentences should you sit in on a conversation between them;  they perfectly compliment each other and have the soft-loud dynamic thing down to a science.  Complete with the DIY packaging  (with paintings done by John Fisher, himself) that NotRock Records is known for and does so well, “Let the Daytime Die” is worth a spin, stream, or download…but don’t stop there.  See them live.


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