Pardon me if this is rude, but I worry about people that don’t have some sort of outlet outside of work.  Then again, I worry about some who do, because of what they create through that outlet.  It takes a certain courage to take inner struggles and arrange them over something  for the public ear.  You become vulnerable.  Lastletters dig deep on their debut…really deep…to a place with little illumination where you can’t see more than 3 feet in front of you.  Their intense emotion and miserable, but very poetic lyrics make you want to reach out and help them escape the  gloomy depths.  The pain captured on their 7-song debut is all too real and if you experience them live, you will witness the physical exhaustion that results from their concise, yet vigorous set.  You will not question the validity of their anguish.  It’s as dramatic as the cover art as Joe’s scream perfectly compliments the beautiful melodies that grace the non-traditional music.  Don’t take my word for it.  Stream it below or head over to their bandcamp to purchase the tape or cd.  Better yet, see them live.  They’re playing the Sunday matinee on June 9th at the Vernon VFW.



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