You know the shy dude in the corner at the gathering where everyone seems to know each other and has solid rapport?  Yeah…The dude over there, not talking to anyone just keeping to himself.  He’s hiding something…  You don’t know his name and you’re probably wondering what he has to do with Pigeon, the four piece post-hardcore band from Warwick, NY.  Well, they shimmer as something different and memorable.  They are that dude in the corner hiding something…something great.  With their debut full length, “Big Survival,” Pigeon transcends genres, showcasing the wide realm of influences each member offers which seem to fall anywhere between At The Drive-In, Nation of Ulysses and Weezer.  Phil’s poetic lyrics and varied vocal delivery paint a clear picture of his thoughts and frustrations as they protrude over their bass-driven/progressive tunes.  The guitar compliments the rhythm section without any annoying wankery or show-off guitar-work emphasizing that  no member of this quartet is more important than the other.  Pigeon’s big survival comes with their swimming upstream in a “scene” that may not always be so welcoming and accepting, especially if you dare to be different. In the end, they persevere with a collection of 12 tastefully executed songs worthy of your ears which may or may not have been bombarded with other music we’ll just call “white noise” for now.   Take a listen/download for yourself below.


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