The 3 debut songs from basement rockers Late Night Beers could not have come on a better day- it’s raining lightly before an imminent storm and nothing really happened during the 12 or so hours I’ve been awake  that warrants intense bliss, or even a subtle smile at all.  Well, nothing except maybe hearing these three carefully constructed and organized tunes from friends.    The EP starts off miserably, in the best possible way, sharing qualities with Low’s “I Could Live in Hope,” with minimal drumming, clean guitars and low/smooth/space-effected vocals.  It gradually builds into a more rock driven crescendo with the next two songs…the guitars only distorting as Tyler and Eddie strum harder- pretty organic if you ask me.   You should probably grab some headphones, sit by a window or on a porch and watch the rain come down as you listen to these tracks on repeat from now until nightfall…Oh wait, it’s already dark.  Put it on anyway and let these Morrissey-like vocals sing you to sleep.  You don’t even have to leave this page, just look and click below!


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