Sadly, Hackettstown’s Boy Things will no longer grace us with their beautiful music but I’m sure (and hope) we’ll see new projects surface by members of the band soon.  We are extremely happy that we played a small role in the release of their 7″ EP “Equations,” which you can download/stream/purchase here:

 They posted this statement:

“Hey everyone,

Boy Things is no more. We had a really great time writing music and performing together, but now it is time for all of us to move on with our lives. This band started as five friends playing board games and screwing around during the summers. We have released three eps; two digital and one 7 inch, and played a whole bunch of shows within the tri-state area.
We hope that our music has inspired other indie bands out there. Our story just goes to show that with the help of your friends, fans, the internet, and local music community, you can really make a difference in ways that you never thought were possible! Many thanks to our Facebook fans, Twitter followers, bandcamp, the Indie Rock Playlist, YouTube, Blogger friends, and college radio for making us known on a national and international level. A special thanks to Brad Tiedemann, Greg Giarritta, Kristin Field, Margarita Star, Jeff Lambert, Joe Dimeck and Paul Cherch for all giving us advice, time, and or money to get our music out to people in NJ. Had it not been for you guys as fans and most of all friends, we would not have gone as far as we had.

We will now be offering all our music as pay what you want, so feel free to download Equations for free now. Also, if anyone wants to buy a t-shirt, vinyl, poster, or sticker, email us and we can try to get it to you. This has certainly been one big roller coaster ride — probably most like the Talon at Dorney Park — but it was still enjoyable. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun! Keep your eye out for us in the future. Maybe you’ll see one of us in a new project one day. Just don’t forget what we’ve always said since the beginning–
Let’s Do Boy Things!


Boy Things
Eric Dryburgh (drums)
Vince Rickey (bass)
Beth Hansen (main vocals)
Adam Cumiskey (guitar)
Matt Nguyen (guitar 2, vocals 2; summer 2012 – present)
Blake What was his last name anyway? (synth, vocals 2; summer 2009 – summer 2012)”


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