So, Black Sabbath has a new album, but you probably already know about that and already formed an opinion. Cool.  Have you heard of Purple Suns? This south Jersey quartet reeks of an obvious sabbath influence but remain a tad more raw and raunchy, especially compared to that new album. Take a dab of well executed songwriting and blend it with an unhealthy amount of riffing and you get their new EP, “Yours,” which may leave you sick at the end of the first listen, but will drag you back in for another round…and then another….and…you get it…Self-destruction is fun.  The four song follow up to their four song debut snagged me hard as soon as the 2nd track (Villain) got slow, low ‘n bluesy….and just when I thought things almost got out of hand and got almost too loud, things got more outta control and even louder by the 3rd tune- which not-so-gracefully reminds us that “Apocalyptic times are coming to our lives,” and that this filthy four intends to maraud our ears while we incessantly return for more.   I can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for us with their upcoming split with Avoider. Bandcamp seems to be having issues with linking their players on wordpress, so just follow this link to hear this album: http://purplesuns.bandcamp.com/


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    We are SO Humbled to get this review from our brethren at Bedside Manner Collective. If you haven’t checked out their blog yet…its time you take care of your priorities. Thanks to Paul Alan, Side note…can’t fucking wait for the new Atlas record.

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