For most north easterners, fall brings darker times for a short while and then winter happens and things get back to “normal,” by spring.  We endure longer nights/shorter days, watch the leaves change and the flowers die as it gets colder and colder by the day.  Things become…well…Bleak.  For Bleak, the Syracuse based powerhouse, this time lasts 365 days out of the year…as their 3 debut songs suggest.  Rising quickly from the ashes of Nick and Matt’s former band  (Blood Money) the quartet offers somber riffs entwined with disgusting feedback and grimy bass that can only happen by turning up and turning up loud.   The only part (besides the whole) that hits harder than Nick (drums) on this caustic debut, are the lyrics which, needless to say, emerge from the murky depths of intense personal experience.  Michael declares his last words on the EP like his life depends on it while pushing the preamp to complete saturation with his nails-to-the throat scream:  “Just because I’m alive, doesn’t mean I’m not dead inside.  I miss my friend.”  If you dig real sounding recordings that capture a solid performance devoid of studio magic or polish, definitely click those songs below.  It sounds like four guys playing their hearts out in a a room…but I imagine they would describe it more as a cell… 😉 Oh and one more thing, despite all the hate, these dudes are some of the sweetest and most humble guys I have ever met.  Positive creative outlets save.



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