What do you typically find Beneath Trees?  Worms? Rocks? Dirty old dirt? Ants? Roots? For the sake of this argument, let’s go with roots.  I’m all for the stripping down of rock and roll to the blues that birthed it and that’s just what Beneath Trees do with their grimy/punk influenced garage rock.  Shortly after their relocation from North Jersey, the bass-less duo hit the Savannah, Georgia DIY music circuit with their EP, “Harvest.”  Their “down-to-earth” approach serves Genevieve and Hemmy well- with little polish and touching up aside from some distortion and reverb.  Really, what other effects do you need?  Just play…be real…and remember: less is always more.  Check the EP out below and keep your ear to the ground as they have been keeping themselves rather busy.  I’m eager to see how Beneath Trees grows (puns intended).


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