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I hate when bands call a solid and great sounding EP a demo.  I mean, if they record the songs again, how much better will they sound?  Will the qualities that made the “demo” so special remain in tact?  YonahBug from Georgia, released their “demo,” earlier this year.  I refuse to consider it a demo, though.  This is a solid debut EP,  however, if they decide to record these tunes again, I propose a challenge:  make them sound better.  I dare you!  The first 3 minimalistic, earthy tunes sound perfect just as they are.  YonahBug successfully creates a vibe and atmosphere in each of these 3 songs to further illuminate the message each one puts forth- this is a feat hard to accomplish in our made-to-immediately-download times.  If you close your eyes and didn’t know that YonahBug consists of only two people, you’d swear they were a four or five piece band as they deliver a full, bluesy sound while exploring multiple instruments and paying particular attention to dynamics. The EP closes with an experimental, psychedelic piece with some weird voice overs and effects, reminding us that you can be awesome at playing and writing and not-so-serious at the same time.  I can’t wait to see what these two come up with next, and I sure hope it’s not a re-recording of these tunes that sound pristine as they are…  except that last tune, I could listen to that without the weird voice effects and I’m positive a beautiful song is hidden under that. 😉