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Craig FuYoung has been my favorite social commentator on modern existence ever since I first read along to “Generica” by The Degenerics.  His way of organizing his thoughts backed by the strong emotion in his voice comes with great conviction and leaves a strong impact.  When I discovered he assumed lyric writing and vocal duties in a new project, I immediately bought the album before even listening.  I was that confident that I would enjoy his new band, Plastic Cross.  Right, I was.  Lyrically, “Grayscale Rainbows” picks up right where the last Degenerics EP left off (if there was something in between that and this please let me know!), except this time Craig is even more to the point and more sarcastic than ever, yet still maintains a strong sense of imagery.  Each song’s message is clear and ties into the overall concept of a drone-heavy future that could very well be now.  The 18 track album delves directly into what I love about hardcore/punk while remaining refreshing and interesting.  Melodic guitar lines drive the urgent songs backed by bass lines that venture off the root.  Not every song has a chorus, but each offers standout parts.  They take risks in tempos and structures with guitar tone that’s often as wet as the Dead Kennedys.  This time around, Craig screams/sings in a lower register than what we’re used to in The Degenerics and Kamikaze, but it still sounds like him and if you weren’t sure, read along!  Stream 3 of the songs below and purchase the whole LP from Don Giovanni.


Black Wine Continues to Churn out the Hits

The ex-ergs trio’s new album, “Hollow Earth,” hits the streets on July 3rd via Don Giovanni Records.  It’s the follow up to 2011’s “Summer of in Difference,” their heaviest effort yet.  From the sounds of the new single “Flatland” this one sounds just as promising, but with more of a surf twang!

Gypsy Wig and Melissa & Paul to play Maxwell’s (on separate dates)+ MORE UPDATES!

First up is Gypsy Wig, The Brian St. John Quartet, and Looters in a Riot NEXT WEDNESDAY at 8pm.  In November, Melissa & Paul return to Maxwell’s via Don Giovanni Records with The Potatomen, Laura Stevenson and The Cans, Waxahatchee, and Sparkle Shit

In other news, the NOTROCK RECORDS comp release is tomorrow featuring Insouciant, Rabbit Troupe, Young American Artists, The Human Era and many more!  All of the bands are playing 4 song/20 minute sets.  Stoked on that!  I’ve been following the production of this comp since I heard about it and I must say we can all learn a thing or two about DIY from NRR…truly inspiring/hardworking dude(s).  The comp will look awesome….you’ll see!  In the meantime, listen to it  HERE!

Also, Melissa & Paul will be spending the weekend recording for their next release.  They’ll be teaming up again with Kevin Carafa, but this time they’re recording at the Bedside Manner for a more comfortable atmosphere.  More on that soon!  Listen to their first release and live EP HERE.

Local Music February: Black Wine- S/T

As part of, FEBRUARY:  A MONTH DEDICATED TO LOCAL MUSIC, we’re gonna try to post as many local artists’ albums as we can to help you on your trek through this 28 day music binge.  Note, if you notice something we put up, and it’s you and you don’t want it up, just send us an email and we’ll take it down.  Also, if you have something you want us to put up, please send it to our email and we’ll be happy to toss it on here!

The first album we’d like to share with you comes from Ocean Grove, New Jersey by a band called Black Wine.  This 10 track record rocks similarly to Dinosaur Jr. and can be purchased from DON GIOVANNI RECORDS. If you like it please support the artists and buy the record!  It comes with a digital download if records aren’t your thing…best of both worlds…Anyway, notable tracks on this include “Haunted”- a bouncy number where Miranda, the drummer, takes on lead vocal duties and “Couch Critics,” a heavier cut with a very memorable and dark sounding vocal melody. Click readmore for the download!
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