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What do a mechanic, exterminator, office administrator and audio engineer have in common?  Well, besides being honest career choices, each of the four people in question make up ¼ of Earth Anchor– a heavy-hitting rock band who calls Portland, Oregon home. 

Earth Anchor proved their self-sufficiency early on with no deterrence from quality or excellence.  In less than a year, the quartet released 2 EP’s, 1 music video and an album of B-sides and covers with no outside help. 

Kevin Carafa moved from New Jersey to the other side of the nation to start Earth Anchor on guitar.  He handles ALL of the mixing and mastering of ALL of the band’s output.  Andrew Carreon and Todd Fowler showed great interest in the original 4 Earth Anchor tunes (Outshined EP) when they were posted online.  Together, they make up the band’s rhythm section.  Additionally, Andrew handled the editing duties of their debut music video which perfectly represents the band and their relatable songs.  Heather Steele binds everything together with her emotional melodies and sincere lyrics.   

You won’t find over-the-top story lines or a giant back-line of fake guitar cabs with Earth Anchor.   Nor are they masked by skunky hair-dos (PEE-YEW!) and caked on make-up or flashy photos and “fake” production.  What you will find are four passionate people combining their various abilities to play songs they wrote and love: truly the greater sum of the individual parts.  Listen to them at their (current) best on their sophomore EP, “Virtue and Fault” below. 



Kevin Carafa is an addict…and moving 2900 miles (45 hours by car) across the country, changing his scenery, delving into a new circle of friends and starting from scratch do not lend to his recovery.  Relapse is an understatement.  He just can’t stop releasing quality tunes and experimenting with different genres and instruments while nailing them all.  This time, he’s taking three others down with him and calling it Earth Anchor.  They recently released a four song EP, put out  a DIY video, put out another EP of covers and “b-sides” and most importantly booked their first show at the Hawthorne Lounge in Portland, Oregon, which is scheduled for tomorrow evening.  Check out the EP and video below. Andrew Carreon, the drummer, edited the video and Kevin Carafa handled the audio- showcasing the talent each member offers beyond the instrument they play in the band.  Lets hope they continue to utilize all the tools at their finger tips and we hear a lot more from these guys/gal in the future.


If you happen to be awake at 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time (2pm Eastern Standard Time) don’t sleep on Earth Anchor‘s 4 song debut “Outshined.”  This release marks Kevin Carafa‘s first collaborative effort since the disbanding of his old bands, Young American Artists and Control and features Heather Steele making her recorded vocal debut.  The alternative-indie rock duo seeks a powerful rhythm section (guitar, bass ‘n drumz)  to complete their live sound, so if you live in the Portland, Oregon area and this sounds like something for you, hit them up! Listen to the anchor track from the ep below!