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We started setting up for this:

Free downloads of the entire thing here:


Canajoharie Church Retreat: Volume 1

In 2010, Eric Stroud, shark enthusiast, bought a church in the small town of Canajoharie, NY in order to take advantage of the immaculate organ that it houses. In the summer of 2011, he opened its doors for a weekend to let 13 bands stay, play and record. This is documentary of that weekend. Despite this being a “church” retreat, there was nothing really religious about it except for the fact that Eric’s a saint for letting us do this! Download full sets FOR FREE here:


Please freely download and collect them all!


It’s been a busy week for some hardworking local bands ie: lots of new songs/albums have been made available to the public.  We’ve gathered them all together and tossed them up here for your convenience!  Enjoy them all below!  It looks like 2012 has been off to an active and productive start.  Hopefully we’ll have more local music to post soon!  Don’t be afraid to submit news/music by clicking the submit content/contact button above…

Etiquette released their EP, “Let it Burn.”

Four Fingers released “Sewage,” a track off of their upcoming 12 inch “Custodians of Light.”

Melissa & Paul released a non-album track called “Summer,” as they wait for their records to return from the plant.

Orange County, New York’s Our Daily Fix released their debut “Elephant.”


Why are you looking at a google map street view of a church?  Well, at about 7pm tonight, a bunch of us are headed to Canajoharie, New York to spend the weekend in that very church pictured to the left.

Here’s why:  My neighbor plays organ and shopped around for a church with an organ suitable for his needs. He found that at the Cliff Street Church in Canajohairie, NY (About 3-4 hours North), so he bought it. I recently talked to him about having a bunch of bands up there to stay for a couple of days as we document everything via audio and film.  The goal is to leave with enough material to compile some sort of video comp/documentary with live performances, interviews, and anything else we may capture.  Eric (the owner) liked the idea and agreed to open his church to us for the weekend of July 1-July 3 so we can film our little documentary.   It should be noted that this is not a party and not a show.  The whole thing will be very focused and everyone up there will have some sort of role.  Wish us luck!  Click READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY for a list of confirmed bands, labels, and zines.

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Tyler H. of Etiquette on etiquette

I gotta say, Tyler really inspires me to not be so god damn neutral all the time.  He always stands by his convictions.  This is a result of his new band Etiquette being invited to a show…I’m sorry…open mic- by an incompetent lady who booked them less than a week ago only to hoodwink them into a situation where they came off as assholes.  You really can’t place the blame on them nor can this be written off as a simple mis-communication, though.  She knew what she was getting into.  I was there.

You don’t book G.G. Allin and expect to not get shit thrown at you.   You don’t wear a velvet suit to a GWAR show.  You don’t book the Misfits and whine when you get a washed up cover band or is a tribute act?    Either way, extreme cases, but they apply.  AKA, you don’t ask band you know plays considerably loud to play another open mic  and volunteer other people’s equipment and then complain about the volume while other open micers leave because they can’t handle playing while a full band is setting up.  Also, don’t keep reiterating all the money you’re making for the event and blame everyone else cuz you can’t run a shit-show.  Anyway, here’s what Tyler said- it’s certainly  warranted and they played awesome regardless.

sometimes things don’t go my way, so i whine about them on the internet.–  fuck everyone who has a financial stake in local music. in the years that i’ve been doing this i’ve never once expected or anticipated payment in any kind for playing a show, and it’s disgusting to see people try and make a buck off bands who are just trying to find a public forum to express themselves. i’d rather work forty hours a week for the rest of my life and never approach breaking even emotionally or financially instead of compromising to some bullshit standard of “how things are done”. if even five people cared honestly about anything i’ve done or have been a part of, that would validate every ounce of energy i’ve put into playing music. i realize that everyone is in it for their own reasons, but it’s so disappointing to see people act so indifferent to something that means so much to so many people. WAH.”- Tyler H.

Side Note: Etiquette rules and you should check ’em out next Wednesday at the Stanhope House w/ The Flops + Melissa & Paul.