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I know we’ve been lazy with updates lately and there’s certainly a lot going on- some stuff involving us, some not.  We’ll try to get back on top of things.  First up is Avoider.  Members of Folly, Eyeswan, Communication Redlight and Young American Artists recently formed the band and you can hear their debut, “Mountain of Spite” below!  Don’t sleep on this!  They manage to mesh bluesy vocals with a touch of punk and sludge very effectively.  Bands like Inside Out and Soundgarden come to mind.  Be sure to  check out their first show this weekend at Pat’s Bar in Lake Hopatcong and expect more frequent updates from us in the near future.

Tracked, mixed and mastered by the mighty, Kevin Carafa.


Velvet Suit Interviews- Lectric Pulp

You wanted it.  You asked for it.  You got it! Here’s the DL on the Lectric Pulp/Stanhope House breakup from the perspective of Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp.  Even though this is a written interview, I assure you at least 1 velvet suit was worn during interrogation.

Some say you helped re-build a sense of a North Jersey/Sussex Scene. What’s your take on that? What is the difference between the scene now than six months ago, as you see it?

Well, I certainly appreciate the folks who feel that way. It’s one of those heart warming/soul caressing kind of feelings if people actually think that. However, I’m just one person. Yea I may have booked a bunch of shows, but if people didn’t come out and support those shows there wouldn’t be any community at all. When it comes to building a music scene it really takes a collective effort. I just handled a lot of organizational things, but I think a lot of credit is spread out across the bands and the fans.

As for where the scene is 6 months ago. I don’t know, it seems like there’s more going on, which is cool. Whether I played a role in that I don’t know. It’s not like The Stanhope House was the only place hosting shows. Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to being able to explore all the other places that I couldn’t go to because I was working a show. I keep hearing Pearly Baker’s Ale House in Easton is really cool. I mean, I like beer and music, and I hear they got a lot of both. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I got to get a job haha. It’s not like I was making much at The Stanhope House, but I was making something. Back to living on credit I guess :/

Click readmore to find out why Lectric Pulp will cease booking at the venue and what shows were Joe’s favorite…

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Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp Reaches out to North Jersey Music Scene

in a well developed/articulated essay of sorts, or as he calls it “a call to action.”  He pretty much covers it all.  The only thing I would add would be a second hand quote I heard from Jon Tumillo of Folly during their first farewell show on April 8th at the Stanhope House. He quoted Jeff Cannonball of Black Kites who said something along the lines of “don’t let this [the last folly show] be the only show you look forward to/don’t let this be the only show you go to.”  There’s a lot going on and a lot to be thrilled about, especially when it comes to North Jersey music, don’t sleep on it or take it for granted.  Momentum.

Putting yourself out there can be met with a lot of flack, especially if you’re a promoter.  Often times good intentions are over-looked and no matter what, people are going to say and believe what they want to believe or take things and change them to fit their convictions.  I give anyone a lot of credit who makes an attempt at creating or organizing something positive and understand that a lot of the decisions they make are difficult and it really is impossible to make everyone happy.   With that said, I’m in full support of what Joe is trying to do and what he has always tried to do since he started running shows in high school.  I encourage you to, at the very least, check out a show or two at the Stanhope House, even if you don’t recognize any bands on the bill.  I’ve found a lot of new bands that I’m now into and friends with because of this Stanhope House stint that started late last year with Lectric Pulp.   With that said, keep checking back for an exclusive Velvet Suit Interview with Joe Dimeck.  In the meantime, Click Readmore for Joe’s full essay.   

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Dear Folly,

Thanks for the memories, influence, inspiration and for making me realize that when there’s a couple of ideas floating around, always go with the crazier one.  Reunion/last shows were a blast.

‘Til next time?

Bedside Manner

2nd Pressing…

Listen HERE.  Next show:   This Saturday at the Stanhope house with Folly and more!

Lots of updates…

We have a lot to be excited for!  In chronilogical order:  First, according to the Fed Ex screen cap below, the Melissa & Paul double 7″- “Distractions/Goin’ Home”  test presses should arrive today or tomorrow.  On Wednesday, the second pressing of Young American Artists’ “Under a Rock,” should arrive just in time for the highly anticipated Folly farewell.  Finally, the Mister Snake tape will be sent out for pressing today!  Keep checking back for more updates and info on ordering and record release shows.


Control Announces Full-Stream of Their Debut Self-Released Full Length

Tomorrow at 12:34 pm you can stream Control‘s debut full length, “Obsolete Through Automation,” on their bandcamp page HERE.  The band started tracking for the 11 track album late last year and wrapped up mixing/mastering this past weekend.  A date for the physical release has not been set yet.  Fans of Rival Schools, Brand New, and maybe even Quicksand or Fugazi may dig this!  You can check out Control this weekend at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC or next Friday as the second to last Folly reunion show where you can still purchase tickets HERE.  To join in on all the event fun on facebook click THIS.

The end is near… (tickets still avaiable for April 8th~!)

You can still get tickets to FOLLY & FRIENDS par 1 with Jaguar Shark, Man vs. Wild and Control.

If You’re Going to Reunite…

Do it  hard and for the right reasons…The announcement of the Folly reunion shows was met with much enthusiasm, however it seems as if some people still aren’t getting it.  Perhaps the recent statement that Arben issued will put things into perspective.  I could go on about how Folly had a profound influence on me and where I am with music today and how they were an inspiration with their music and as people, but I won’t bore you with that and it should be pretty clear anyway haha.  In the end, I was ecstatic to be part of their last shows in 2008 and even more amped/honored/enthused/stoked/thrilled/any other adjective that would suggest excitement to be part of the last two reunion shows as openers.   To all the haters.  Well… “Y’all just hataz!”  Click readmore for the statement and a list of shows.   Or click HERE for a direct link. -Paul

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Stanhope House

I never thought I would become a regular at a bar…But low and behold…I have.  I guess you wind up doing a lot of things you don’t expect from yourself in a lifetime.  Anyway, for the past 3 months, I’ve found myself at the Stanhope House (45 Main Street.  Stanhope, NJ) at least once a week for live music, dance parties, good food and good friends- to say the least. 

It’s truly an honor to be given the opportunity to play the Stanhope House, especially when exploring it’s great history.   From Stevie Ray Vaughn scrubbing dishes in the kitchen after playing a late night gig,  to the famous painting of the place where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil for guitar skills to tales of ghosts within the walls to the not-so-secret well in the lounge to blues legends- Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and John Lee Hooker all rockin’ the main stage- just to name a few.

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