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Four Fingers may never break up, but they maintain a relatively inactive presence.   However, their guitarist (Jeff) still actively plays in North Jersey’s Michael Ironside: a witty alternative/dance duo backed by a boombox.   They released their 2nd full length, “Top Shelf Hooch” on May 25th as a follow up to their 2012 release, “Gelatin Moon.”  I don’t know how they can keep such straight faces in this video, but they do and it works.  Watch the video and peep the cover art below!




Sometimes we set up things for friends.  This time with 2 touring bands, local favorites and canned food!


“Custodians of Light”  This band does/did more than a lot of bands from our area.  They are playing the album from start to finish and the bill is flooded with other awesome bands, most of which have bandcamps!  DO IT!


But this record isn’t.

I gotta be honest, though I did show support for the band (after I got over the infamous “marshmallow” incident”), I never TRULY got into Four Fingers until the monster hailed as “Custodians of Light.”  On this record, they abandon the “Woah oh ohs” and pogo friendly pop-punk  and welcome raw yet not-forced aggression and angst.   Don’t be fooled by the title, which I’m told is a reference to a poem that I didn’t read by Kahlil Gibran…There’s nothing “light” about this album- not in the clever/irritated lyrics and not in the driving and sometimes flat-out disgusting, yet melodic riffs.

Tohm’s voice seems to have really matured and definitely compares to Dave Weinberg (Suicide File), but he still sounds like the Tohm Bakelas that not-so elegantly graced earlier Four Fingers releases, he’s just well…much more pissed off.  Then there’s Chris Flynn’s uncontrollable scream that sounds like he’s got a throat full of nails; you can feel his pain as he belts “Trampled by all of life’s routines I’m drowning in the oil of this machine” and you know he’s sincere.  “We owe you nothing,” pretty much sums up this uncompromising, consistent, and high-octane release.  The recording definitely captures the energy of their live show with a sense of urgency that pulls you in from the first and last hums of droning feedback.  I guess you can say “I’ve given them a thousand chances and they fucked it up, but not this time.”   I just hope this isn’t the last we hear of the fingaz. Hear the entire album below!


Full Stream of Best 4Fingers Album ta date!

Four Fingers recently made their entire 12″, “Custodians of Light” available for stream which marks their fastest, heaviest and all around best material to date.  On top of that, they pretty much released the album on their own but they did have some help from some smaller DIY labels.

312 total copies.
155 on black (hand numbered).
101 on gray(hand numbered).
53 on white (hand numbered).
3 on rare color you’ll never see (hand numbered).
Buy the record fools!…or don’t.  They owe you nothing.


It’s been a busy week for some hardworking local bands ie: lots of new songs/albums have been made available to the public.  We’ve gathered them all together and tossed them up here for your convenience!  Enjoy them all below!  It looks like 2012 has been off to an active and productive start.  Hopefully we’ll have more local music to post soon!  Don’t be afraid to submit news/music by clicking the submit content/contact button above…

Etiquette released their EP, “Let it Burn.”

Four Fingers released “Sewage,” a track off of their upcoming 12 inch “Custodians of Light.”

Melissa & Paul released a non-album track called “Summer,” as they wait for their records to return from the plant.

Orange County, New York’s Our Daily Fix released their debut “Elephant.”

Just In Case You Haven’t Heard…


New Four Fingers song!

Four Fingers are back and they’re heavier than ever.  Well, they never really left, but yeah, they left all that pop punk behind and replaced it with the good old angst and aggression making them one of the heavier bands around these days…the good kind of heavy- not that cheesy shit.  Hear for yourself with this brand new song off their upcoming 12″ titled “Custodians of Light.”   Check out the song below and don’t forget to pre-order the record HERE. The 13 song full length will be available in 3 different colors and was tracked, mixed  and mastered in 2 sessions with Sara Kosa.  How’s that for urgency!?

NotRock Sampler Vol. III Details Revealed

NotRock Records recently announced some crucial details about their next comp on their SITE.  Note: we have nothing to do with this and are not trying to take credit.  NotRock Records arranged the whole thing and put a lot of effort into it’s production.  We’re just really stoked on it and wanted to post about it here to show our appreciation.  Also, some Bedside Manner affiliated bands will appear on it (Gypsy Wig, Melissa & Paul, Young American Artists).  We’re really happy to be part of this! What they are doing is inspirational and with the best of intentions.  Here’s a snippet of what they have to say about it:

  “The purpose of this compilation is to share and expose people to a lot of the great music that our friends are out there making right now. It’s free because not only do we want to share it with you but we would like YOU to share it with others as well. These artists are making fantastic music and the world deserves to hear it. Please help us share it with them. Speaking of the fine artists featured on this compilation, it’s time they were revealed to you.”  How awesome is that!  Read the full story HERE.  Or readmore for some highlights and details. Read the rest of this entry

This is tomorrow and mondo updates!

Please don’t miss it.  The Benedict Arnold Trade School record release show was a huge hit.  Dead Unicorn killed it!   Can’t wait to have them back…In other news.  The Melissa & Paul double 7″ was mailed out today to be pressed.  See what they have to say about it HERE.   We should have that in our hands in a month’s time.  In the meantime, check out their kickstarter HERE.   Also, Mister Snake are wrapping up the recording/artwork process for their upcoming tape.  Looks like 2011 is off to a good start for Bedside Manner!  Keep checking back for more updates.  I can tell you we have another Velvet Suit Interview in the works and we’re going to be posting video from the acoustic show at Eyeconik Records last Sunday.