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The title may not be serious, but the new EP from Fox Reactions is…These five songs remind me of a lot of the stuff I was listening to when I first got heavily into hardcore back in the mid 2000’s with bands like Kid Dynamite and Good Clean Fun.   Now, the poppier side of hardcore never fully drew me in unless it was done a certain way…Fox Reactions does it that certain way with short songs, meaningful lyrics, tasteful vocal trade-offs and appropriate production.  With only one song creeping over the 1 minute mark, the quartet crammed 5 pogo-friendly anthems into a four minute box and delivered it signed, stamped and sealed with their take on feminism, sexism, religion and personal politics without sounding preachy.  They don’t hide behind metaphors in the process; they very much want you to know what they’re singing about and effectively deliver that message via no-bullshit, in-your-face, pop-punk laced with the occasional gang vocal.  The EP ends on a lighter note with a tribute song that ties into the title- this one may be a metaphor actually, I’m not quite sure.  Listen for yourself below!